Monday, December 14, 2009

Versace Pre-Fall 2010

By: Vera Gushansky

I'm not too crazy about this collection as a whole. There are a few pieces that I adore and there are some that I would never imagine to inspire or fascinate anyone. Every shoe in this line is stunning though. Guess Versace know's what's up in the shoe department? I think that the cuts of the dresses and jackets work, I just don't understand the lot of the bright colored patterns and their affiliation with the word: chic. The bright colors are familiar, channeling collections from 2009 year round, and I can only imagine that the new 80's trend is here to least through 2010. I am surprised at the amount of bright colors that are used throughout the garments because this is a fall collection. I do like that there was a clear element of innovativeness with the pieces because I can sure say that this collection is no ordinary fall line. I can only conclude that a futuristic rainbow was in mind when designing the color scheme.

Ones I Love:
I don't necessarily dislike these, I just think there is a distinct difference between the pieces above and the ones below in terms of cohesiveness and just plain aesthetics.
Is it just me or is there an uncanny resemblence:
The shade of orange and electric blue is just too similar for me to think that the color range for the Versace piece wasn't inspired by Ashley Olsen.

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