Wednesday, December 16, 2009

♫ Obsessed with: Phoenix ♪

By: Jade Jorda

These artsy French dudes know what's up in terms of Indie Rock. Their lead singer Laurent Brancowitz, before joining Phoenix, collaborated with two other guys that you might have heard of... Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. Doesn't ring a bell? How about Daft Punk? Yeah, now you know what I'm talking about ;-) They're new single 1901, from the 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is being heard everywhere from a Cadillac TV commercial, to the New York I Love You trailer. Probably heard it blasting a couple of times from my car too. I LOVE IT! I am also obsessed with Lizstomania - Classixx Remix (thank you Jason!!!) that makes my heart flutter everytime I hear it.

Here's a little playlist to make you listen to what I'm talking about:

They also gave people a free concert with a concept they called "A Take Away Show". While strolling through the streets of beautiful Paris, they stopped at a few places and performed for the people around them for the simple pleasure of sharing their music. I love these guys. I wish I had been these people around, look at their faces they're pretty funny. A Take Away Show is in three parts. Watch them being followed around in the city of lights:

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
And finally, here's some of their photography that they posted on their blog. I chose these because I thought they related well to the topic of music but there are plenty more that are really interesting.

These are great tunes to listen to when you're shopping for the holidays and waiting in the long lines. Enjoy! ;-)

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