Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tokyo (Outrageous) Street Style

By: Jade Jorda

Here I am thinking about this summer because I miss it a little especially as I am struggling to get through finals. And I was going through my pictures from my study abroad trip I came across some pictures I completely forgot about. How could I have?! They are just too good. I spent a full week in a city that ultimately became my favorite city in the world: Tokyo. There's just something about it that I cannot describe. Here are some pictures of people I encountered that seemed to have come to life directly out of a Japanese anime.
Japanese TV host I met at Mount Fuji

Transgender male channeling his inner school girl

Typical Harajuku girls
(Please note that bows, tutus and studs are so in right now.)

You gotta love it!! Especially the deuces they're all making... haha I am definitely going back and snagging more pictures of clothes I would actually dare wear. ;-)

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