Friday, November 27, 2009

Stoners In Stilettos?

By: Jade Jorda

We, as Californians, are well accustomed to intermingling with potheads on a daily basis. We recognize Mary Jane lovers amongst different groups of people, such as our friends, and occasionally, within our family. Some use it recreationally and some use it medically. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you knew someone who possesses a "club card". Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if you've asked them to... you know... "smoke me out, man".

Today, it is not uncommon to drive by a smoke shop selling an array of paraphernalia: pipes, bongs, vaporizers, etc.... all of which are dedicated to marijuana use. Even popular places visited by tourists like Melrose Ave., Venice Boardwalk, Abbot Kinney, host either smoke shops or Medical Cannabis clubs and sometimes both. What has particularly desensitized people to marijuana use is... you've guessed it: Fashion.

There have been few occasions, especially over the past year, that the notorious pot leaf has taken over the runway. Designers such Sonia Rykiel, Lucien Pellat Finet or Gerlan Jean have emblazed a weed leaf on some of their garments. Take a look.

Gerlan Jean:

Runway out-takes: HERE

Sonia Rykiel

Lucien Pellat Finet
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Also check out this really interesting article from the Los Angeles Times.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Model Style - Kate Moss

By: Vera Gushansky

Supermodel and one of my personal fashion icons, Kate Moss, has made an a profound impression on the fashion industry, much vaster than many would think. Many fashionista's do not realize that the direction fashion has turned could be credited to Kate Moss's style philosophy. Before celebrity's such a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, and Lindsey Lohan publicized their boho-chic attire, Kate Moss had been rocking her signature look for nearly a decade. It is was not until teen idols hoped on board that fashionista's alike skewed their polished prep style for a more earthy, vintage look. After long-term Kate Moss devotee's spread the word that, in reality, it was Kate Moss who transformed the rules of looking fashionable, many began to view Kate Moss as a style guru. Below are a few images of Kate Moss's recent street style.

A few easy ways to stick within the realms of Kate Moss Style:

Mix together different fabric textures
Stick to neutrals, earth tones, and washout out colors
Tuck your jeans into your boots
Mix vintage pieces with new-age pieces to create unusual, yet up-to-date looks
Throw a scarf around your neck
Layer your jewelry

A few tips that I find very helpful when trying to mimic Kate Moss's Style:

Make it look effortless
Wear your cocktail dress loosely belted; don't brush your hair for the red carpet; wear teenage black kohl eyeliner; hack off hemlines with a pair of scissors; buy vintage clothes and accessories that are already a little beaten up. Moss never looks like she's trying too hard which makes it all look effortless, and cool, and fun, and young, and sexy. Take note, Victoria Beckham.

Be a dress code rebel
If there's one sneaky style trick that always guarantees Moss is the centre of attention, it's this: she'll wear the exact opposite of what is expected. From a grey, pared-down knee-length shift dress on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival, to tight leather trousers and a tuxedo jacket at the strictly-black-tie Metropolitan Ball in New York, to a sweet 1950s prom dress and swept back hair at the NME music awards, to sequins at a muddy music festival, or, ahem, white-hot pants to a wedding, Moss disregards the dress code and yet somehow manages to make everyone else feel like they're the ones who got it wrong.

Wear it tight on the torso

Moss has spent years watching the world's top designers and stylists tailoring clothes to her frame for catwalk shows and photoshoots, so she knows about fit. And she always wears her clothes tight to the torso. Moss is short (5ft7in) and very petite, but this is a great tip for flattering and slimming any body shape. Moss regularly has clothes altered that do not fit her signature ribcage-hugging silhouette; it's a simple but subtly effective device and means that the clothes always look as if they were made for her, and could never have been worn by anyone else.

*tips taken from For more tips and the rest of the article check out:

Due to Kate Moss's recognition as a style expert, she decided to create her own line for TopShop. Sneek Peek of Kate Moss's new line for TopShop:

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Modern Look-ANDROGYNY

By: Jade Jorda

Agyness Deyn
is one of our favorite models here, at STRAPLESS. My lovely collaborator, Vera, published a blog earlier in the week called "Suspended", which included photos of Agyness wearing suspenders. Go ahead and take a look. The British icon is not only famous for her tall and skinny figure; she is also well-known for her androgynous look. Agyness Deyn may very well be the epitome of androgyny in our modern society.

Androgyny is more than just a look, it’s an attitude. It’s about girls being able to embrace their inner masculinity and boys embracing their inner femininity, as well as incorporating that newly found masculine attitude out there in this, "man’s world." The counter-culture movement of the 1960s pushed people towards self-exploration by experimenting with drugs, and emphasizing individual freedom as well as self-realization. People began transforming their views of women during the time period they were no longer considered as "stay-at-home wives that solely looked after the children, the house, and the kitchen." But, when women started to provide for the family as well, little by little, they was no longer regarded as passive and emotional. They rose to the same level as their husband and therefore, took the liberty to start wearing "the pants".

So girls, this brings me to say, take a look in your boyfriend’s closet because you might find exactly what you’re looking for in order to consider yourself as an understood, powerful woman.
A few ideas that you should watch out for while peeking in his closet: white, button down shirts (on the Vogue's Most Wanted list for October), wife beaters, baggy jeans, ties, suspenders and anything you think you could confidently pull-off. All the while, still incorporating a dash of a "female look", as opposed to looking like a girl who's primary desire is to appear as a boy.

Oh and by the way, the cigarette isn't cool anymore. No need for that cancer stick to complete the androgynous look. ; )