Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christian Louboutin for Barbie

by: Jade Jorda

A very special Barbie was made available yesterday on If you're wondering why this website, well its because because it is a renowned clothing and accessories retail website. Furthermore, it is special because she is wearing Christian Louboutin shoes! The genius shoe designer finally made a shoe fit for an icon every girl aspired to become at some point in her life. If you're thinking of getting it... well it's too late!! On anyway... That's right, even though $150 is quite expensive for a small plastic doll, it sold out in ONE DAY! You can still get it on but it is backordered until Dec. 11. Cat Burglar Barbie (yeah, because not only is she wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, she's also wearing a sexy black latex catsuit MEOW!) comes with four gorgeous pairs of mini Louboutin shoes, mini Louboutin shoe boxes and bags and Barbie and Louboutin's Paris travel journal. How chic. I want one !!

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