Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tavi: the New It-Girl in Town

by: Jade Jorda

Tavi Gevinson, a Chicago-native blogger and 13 year old fashionista, is the girl everybody's talking about lately. She is the muse of many designers in Tokyo, she has become a regular front-row guest at fashion shows and she is in part the inspiration for Rodarte's new line at Target. So, like me, you're thinking, "how has a 13 year old become the talk of the town?" Especially since Tavi describes herself as "Tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats."

Well, here's the thing:

Her style is first of all outstanding, she can pull off whatever she wants. From plaid button ups, to destroyed tights, tye dye tights, to pink low heels, funky headpieces, and all the way to a mix of colors that one would never think would work together... Tavi, is definitely an inspiration. On top of it all, her writing is way beyond her years and just exquisite to read. She doesn't sound like she's 13 all the time but some things that she writes just make your heart melt and remind you that she's not all grown-up yet like, "but for now I'm too lazy to upload any photos or even go downstairs to get a glass of Nesquik even though it sounds really good right now." So cute right ?? Finally, the fact that she's 13 and so in touch with fashion is intriguing to many people. If I were a designer and knew a girl that age was talking about me, I would be so honored to know that she's able to appreciate what I'm doing. Her age definitely worked at her advantage because it makes her way more approachable than, say, a 20 year old like me. I mean.... If I went up to James Franco and started talking about freaks and geeks like she said she did in a post, he'd for sure think I was the freak. (Oh well... if that gets me to talk to James Franco, maybe I'll try it one day... nothing to lose right ?! haha)
Here's a couple pictures of this cutie pie pulled directly from her blog, which is definitely worth a look if you want to know what all the fuss is about.


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