Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peacocking for Attention

By: Vera Gushansky
This season, buy your very own attracting mechanism: a peacock accessory! Your new peacock feather inspired item will be sure to turn some heads, in a good way. Whether it be a headband, or an item of clothing, this trend has no boundaries. I've even got peacock feather tatted behind my ear!

Had this feather tatted in May 09 at Through Your Skin on Melrose Ave
★Tip: Make sure not to clash this peacock trend with another trend. For example: Wear a peacock headband with leopard leggings.★
☆Hippie Peacock Headband $11.99: Click

☆Miss KK $68: Click
☆Colleen Peacock Feather Clip $18: Click
☆Arlene Peacock Feather Headband $25: Click

☆Michelle Roy Designs $61: Click
☆Look From London Peacock Stockings $30 *more colors available* : Click
☆Black Dahlia Feather Headband $22: Click
☆Peacock Hippie Hair Dangle $10.99: Click


  1. so so so cute, especially the headband!

  2. Yes i love all of them wish i could buy them all haha! check out site with the head pin. The girl sells many head bands for good prices!