Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boos and Besito

By: Jade Jorda
It is my great pleasure to announce the grand opening of a store that I long waited for. These girls made my favorite bow that I absolutely love to wear all the time (no, seriously, ask my friends). Here's how I wore it last:

Made out of black leather with a gold chain, it becomes a necklace, genius!
(photos from

Boos and Besito are now opening their store, Virgo, in Downtown LA and I took a quick look this past Friday and man oh man I wished my wallet wasn't so empty. Well actually even though it was I tried on boots but they weren't my size :( phew! I got real close to over-drafting because of them. They have the most original boots, shirts, belts, skirts, jewelery (like that bow I have they made a jeans studded one, gorg!) you name it. They have men's stuff too if you want to find cool Christmas presents for the boys in your life. Definitely an event you'll want to attend if you want to be the first to know about that soon-to-be-super-popular store. And come on... wine and champagne?!... I'll see you there!! ;-)

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