Monday, December 7, 2009

Close to the Nest

By: Vera Gushansky
On a rainy day in LA, what's more fun than discovering a few jems in your best friends closet. Below are some photos showing a couple of my favorite jackets from my best friend Marissa Cohnen's closet. Always make sure to rummage through your best friends wardrobe. You will be very happy with the treasures you find.

Jacket- Vintage from Wasteland ☆ Dress- Planet Blue
Jacket- Vintage☆ Tights- UrbanOutfitters ☆ Pumps: Charles David
Brown Leather Jacket: Melrose Boutique ☆ Tee- Journey Tee from RoseBowl Flea Market


  1. love the leather jacket, tights, and pumps, so cute!

  2. thanks love! feedback from readers is wonderful!