Thursday, November 19, 2009


By: Vera Gushansky

Designers and celebrities agree: suspenders are now considered a statement of high fashion. Who would have guessed that your grandpa's favorite accessory is now you most prized adornment? Let's start off with the models:
Model and fashion inspiration, Agyness Deyn, sporting red and white suspenders.

Men can spice up their outfit, and clasp their pants at the same time, when wearing suspenders.

Suspenders making their way from runway to celebrity:

Black suspenders with a white blouse underneath seems to be the bees knees for many. However, do not be afraid to bust out some zebra suspenders or some bright green suspenders. Just make sure to down play the rest of your attire and your wild suspenders will be tamed.

A new trend that is slowly picking up speed is Leg Suspenders. A few celebrities are already on board:

A few awesome stores to find yourself a superb pair of trendy suspenders:
Neiman Marcus (Marc Jacobs Suspenders)
Wasteland (in the mens section)
Bloomingdales (John Varvatos Suspenders)
Thank You Mart ($3.99 store in Westwood)

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