Friday, July 6, 2012

Grace Coddington Vs. Anna Wintour


The documentary The September Issue is a look inside the year length creation of the September Issue of American Vogue.

               During the film, the viewer is able to gain an in depth understanding of both Grace Coddington's professional position for American Vogue (creative director) as well as Anna Wintour's (editor in chief). After watching the film, I analyzed the Grace Coddington's position in the company against Anna Wintour's position. Throughout the film you see almost a power struggle between the two outrageously talented women. While Grace executes beyond compelling photography and with brilliant ideology she must conform to the vision Anna Wintour believes is best for the magazine. It isn't that Anna does agree with the overall concept that Grace has presented, it is that Anna, being pressured by investors, must produce a product that is sell-able

That right there is the perfect example of the ever going struggle artists have working for clients because the work executed will not be 100% from the soul

The reason I posted this is because I would like to know YOUR opinion on the subject matter. For those of you who have either seen this movie or have anything you want to say concerning whom you think should be more respected in the fashion industry and why--the creative end or the business end. Or maybe you would like to see the two merge into an "out-of-this- world LoveChild." If you have any knowledge of either of the two queens then by all means, share! If you have any opinions concerning art being connected by the soul and where it ends up after it has been approved as "sell-able"....ANYTHING really...i would love to know your compelling opinions

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