Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rini By Irina

Super model and fashion icon, Irina Lazareanu
is translating her impeccable sense of style into her very own clothing line.

"Model Irina Lazareanu has just finished designing her first line of clothing titled Rini by Irina. The collection will launch in September in Japan and will include urban-bohemian staples like flapper dresses, floral skirts, and fitted, shrunken jackets. She recently went on an epicWhat Goes Around, Comes Around shopping trip with stylist Natalie Joo, and between the self-styled aviation cap paired with a filmy dress, the sweeping Navajo-blanket-made gown, and sequined get-ups, we have complete faith that she'll provide some Irina-branded goods worth grabbing. Here's hoping she goes the way of model-cum-designers like Kate Mossrather than Agyness Deyn."

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