Friday, January 8, 2010


By: Vera Gushansky
Article from Teen Vogue
Create your own statement dress by Vena Cava. This dress is easy to make, and does not require a sewing machine. You end result will leave you with a perfect dress to wear on a stroll through the park.

Step 1:
what you'll need
1. three yards of vintage fabric
2. a tape measure
3. scissors, needle, and thread
4. a white t-shirt
5. felt stick it letters
Step 2:
down to size
cut the fabric to make the skirt of the dress. for width, measure your waist and multiply that number by three. next, cut the desired length.
Step 3
main squeeze
using the needle and thread, make a running stitch across the top of the fabric, with each stitch about one quarter inch in length. When finished, pull the stitch to shirr the skirt.
Step 4
spell it out
trim the bottom of the t-shirt so that it hits your natural waist. sew the skirts waist to the t-shirts bottom. stick the letters across the front of the shirt to spell out your message.
Step 5

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